My name is Julieth Catano Tobon, but you can call me Julieta!
I'm an illustrator & animator from Colombia, based in Toronto, Canada.
I studied Graphic Design in Medellin, Colombia but my true passion is illustration. 
Before I graduated, I started working in an animation studio where I found my second passion, character animation. I started to develop my character design skills, illustration style and overall, felt in love with bringing characters to life.
I moved to Toronto with my hubby ♥ looking to expand our knowledge and be part of this amazing, growing community.
Since then, I had the chance to work with some great companies, one of them was Little Blackstone Studios, that was my home for almost two years and I worked on some really great projects like Mike Judge presents: Tales from the Tour Bus, as an animator first and a character designer later.
I'm always eager to take more risks and learn while working on amazing projects that fulfill both of my true passions.  So if you know about something or want to work with me. Let's have a coffee and talk about cool stuff! :D
I'm also one of the admins Toronto Motion Meetup
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