This year I had the amazing opportunity to work with Evan Bellam, a really talented Canadian musician. Together, we created the music video for his new single. He gave me creative freedom to came up with a concept, style and a direction for this video.
I'm really proud of this, since this is the first time that I illustrated, animated and directed a whole video on my own. 
Below you'll see the process, concept and some of the illustrations I did. 

Illustration, direction & animation:
Julieta Tobon

Special Thanks:
My hubby Luis Mejia ♥

Pieces of me by Evan Bellam

Concept and style 
The Music video, shows us a butterfly born from the beats of an absent heart. The butterfly begins to fly with a slow and sad flight through different spaces/landscapes representing the complexity and vicissitudes of life. At the end of the video, we were able to appreciate that the one who was flying really was the heart of a man, thus representing the journey and the struggle that human beings must go through to share their life with someone else.

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